[Simh] Who owns DSM-11?

Martin Reilly mcr at martin-reilly.com
Sun Dec 24 04:55:27 EST 2006

I may have asked this question a few years back - but I'm wondering if
anybody knows more today (or perhaps new people have come to the list)...
Who currently owns DSM-11? Who would be the right people to ask nicely if
it's OK to use it under SIMH, or whether they'd consider making it generally
In the beginning there was Digital. And DSM-11, which was good.
Then Digital sold the rights to a lot of PDP-11 intellectual property to
Mentec... but Mentec told me this didn't include DSM-11.
Then Digital sold their VAX and Alpha MUMPS software to Intersystems... but
Intersystems said they didn't take DSM-11 with it.
Then Digital was bought by Compaq, then later swallowed up by HP. They don't
seem to even have heard of DSM-11.
I suppose assuming that what Mentec and Intersystems have said is right, HP
owns DSM-11 whether it knows it or not... but who would one talk to about
I still have some real -11s that used to run DSM-11, along with original
install tapes for a couple of versions, but getting it onto SIMH has proven
difficult. I have TK50 install media, which can be read on a TZ86 (of which
I have a few) - if only I knew of a PDP-11 simulator that could boot from a
real tape drive attached to a PC... anybody?
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