[Simh] Fix struct eproto alignment in OpenVMS pcap package

Larry Baker baker at usgs.gov
Thu Aug 9 15:09:36 EDT 2007

I made a slight change to nametoaddr.c in the OpenVMS pcap package to  
eliminate a linker alignment complaint:

Edit the file [.PCAP-VCI]nametoaddr.c to let the compiler naturally  
align struct eproto:

#ifdef __DECC

#pragma member_alignment save

#pragma member_alignment


struct eproto {

         char *s;

         u_short p;


#ifdef __DECC

#pragma member_alignment restore


I also made a MAKE.COM file to compile and link the SIMH simulators  
-- I don't have MMS.  Are attachments handled, or does it have to be  
submitted in-line?

Thanks for all your work.

Larry Baker
US Geological Survey
baker at usgs.gov

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