[Simh] PDP11 DZ-Driver and RSX11M

Holger Veit holger.veit at iais.fraunhofer.de
Wed Dec 3 05:53:32 EST 2008

I am currently trying to get the simh DZ11 device to work with RSX11M 
4.4 BL46, to test serial stuff. I have generated a new system with 
support for the card in, and VMR reports that it has TT1: to TT10: (TT0: 
is the CO: resp. YL: device which works). I have used the CSRs and 
vectors that simh reports on DZ, something like 17760100 (or 160100 in 
16bit speak) and vector 300, but when I boot the new system, it will 
report the various disk devices I have generated, but none of the DZ mux 
   devices at all. I observed that simh SHO DEV reports the vectors for 
8 lines as 300-304 (or with 16 lines as 300-314) which should be 
300-307, but this is maybe just a fallacy of the show_vec() routine. In 
case this  would be a bug I tried to fool simh/RSX by telling simh to 
have 16 lines (300-314) but only generating 4 lines (YZ = 300,160100,3, 
in sysgen) but this doesn't make a difference.

Did I forget anything - my RSX knowledge has come to age a bit, or has 
the The Last Bug(tm) popped up here?


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