[Simh] DEC VT emulators on MAME

Tim Stark fsword7 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 8 16:48:44 EDT 2017



I have a copy of MAME emulator and learned that someone is working on new
DEC VT emulators for MAME.


He is implementing some VT series like VT100 through VT520 but they are
marked as not working. 


Does anyone know about VT emulators on MAME?


In that past (at college), I used some VT terminals - VT100, VT102, VT125,
VT220, VT240, VK100, and Tek 4207.


I wrote some programs to draw graphics on VT125, VT240, VK100 and Tek 4207
for homework assignments at my computer graphics class.


Some VT 100/200 series uses 8080 processor.  VT 240 uses T11 processor.

I found some tech docs but I am still looking for VT330/VT340 tech docs. 



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