[Simh] Adding DZP "zebra 6060" device to SimH Nova

Microtech Dart microtechdart at gmail.com
Sun May 29 03:42:37 EDT 2016

So, I still consider myself very much a newbie here, and with these

But I just did something dangerous and tried my hand at modifying the SimH
Nova code.

I've basically attempted to add a new device called DZP on octal address

Then I've created a new nova_dzp.c file to compliment that, and then I've
modified the nova_dkp.c to include a new disk type with the architecture
of 442 cylinders, 5 heads, 32 sectors/track (head).

(I called the disk type "IRIS", which may not be a good name, but it was
easy to differentiate for now)

All I've done is just edit a few of the .c and .h files in a text editor,
but I haven't compiled anything yet.  Partially because it's late at night,
and partially because I have relatively little experience compiling C so

I'm wondering if someone here more familiar with the SimH (and even Nova)
environment could look over the changes that I've made, and give me some
feedback on what I may have missed, what I've done wrong, or anything like

Attached is the .zip containing my modified nova code files.

If the file attachment doesn't come through, you can download the .zip from

For reference, here's a page with Bruce Ray's analysis of my system backup
files, which I used as guideline definitions for these changes.


Many VERY special thanks to Bruce Ray and David Takle for helping me with
this project.  You guys are awesome!


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