[Simh] Pascal for RT-11

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 16:02:50 EST 2016

On 2/6/16 9:37 AM, Will Senn wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know where to find a working SimH compatible image of a Pascal for RT-11?
> Thanks,
> Will
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A partial answer to my own question (still curious about other 
implementations that are available) and a few followups:

There's an RK05 image of OMSI Pascal v2.1 on bitsavers:

Download it and unzip it.

Then in SimH:
att rk0 omsiPascal2.1.dsk

and in RT-11v53:
.dir rk:

CONVRS.PAS    37  07-Mar-85      CSICON.PAS     2 07-Mar-85
CSITYP.PAS     3  07-Mar-85      CSIPRO.PAS     6 07-Mar-85
FIXARG.PAS     5  07-Mar-85      FIXINC.PAS     4 07-Mar-85
FIXOUT.PAS     4  07-Mar-85      CNVNUM.PAS     4 07-Mar-85
SYMDCL.PAS    13  07-Mar-85      SYMCOD.PAS    17 07-Mar-85
GETCS .PAS    20  07-Mar-85      PROSE .PAS   205 07-Mar-85
PASMAC.MAC    39  07-Mar-85      XREF  .PAS    37 07-Mar-85
PROCRE.PAS    92  07-Mar-85      STRING.PAS    24 07-Mar-85
PASMAT.PAS   194  07-Mar-85      PB    .PAS    77 07-Mar-85
LIBDEF.PAS    14  07-Mar-85      OPERRO.PAS    12 07-Mar-85
UERROR.PAS     4  07-Mar-85      SAYERR.PAS    11 07-Mar-85
SJ    .SAV   397  07-Mar-85      RTPAGE.COM     1 07-Mar-85
XM    .SAV   474  07-Mar-85      XMPAGE.COM     1 07-Mar-85
LIBFPP.OBJ   315  07-Mar-85      START .OBJ     1 07-Mar-85
UTILS .SJ      1  07-Mar-85      UTILS .XM      2 07-Mar-85
LIBFIS.OBJ   333  07-Mar-85      LIBEIS.OBJ   338 07-Mar-85
LIBSIM.OBJ   353  07-Mar-85      VIRJOB.OBJ     1 07-Mar-85
EXTRAC.COM     3  07-Mar-85      XMDBG .COM     2 07-Mar-85
SJDBG .COM     2  07-Mar-85
  37 Files, 3048 Blocks
  1714 Free blocks

It looks like there are only 2 versions SJ and XM, so you need to boot 
the right monitor:
. copy/boot dk0:rt11xm.sys dk0:
.boot dk0

I'm sure there's a better way to install the distribution than to copy 
it over to the system disk, but I just copied everything over (if 
someone knows how it ought to be done, please let me know):
.copy rk0:*.* dk0:

Then to compile and link a pascal file such as this:
program adder(input,output);

var x,y,z : real;

     z := x + y;
     writeln(' inputs and answer: ');
     writeln(x, y, z)

.xm adder.pas
.link adder,libfpp

Anyway, it "works" for this program. However, if I try to compile 
PROSE.PAS, which came with the distribution, I get:
.xm prose.pas

PASCAL--I/O error at user PC= 62626B
Attempt to write past end of file
I/O error code= -48 in file: DK:TEMP2.TMP

in SJ monitor, same error, different PC:
PASCAL--I/O error at user PC= 43014B
Attempt to write past end of file
I/O error code= -48 in file: DK:TEMP2.TMP

A dir on dk shows that the disk isn't full:
  289 Files, 8511 Blocks
  11871 Free blocks

Does anyone know:
0. What the error means.
1. The proper install method.
2. The location of a OMSI Pascal 2.1 Manual.
3. How to know it's 2.1 and not another version in disguise.



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