[Simh] loading decus10 tapes

gerry77 at mail.com gerry77 at mail.com
Mon Aug 30 03:56:16 EDT 2010

On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 02:05:51 -0500, you wrote:

> I keep getting the following error message from backup:
> /tape mta0
> ?BKPCOM Can't OPEN mag tape

Having read your whole message, I'm quite inclined to think that your
problem comes from the tape handling Galaxy function (QUASAR and PULSAR
jobs) which has exclusive access to your MTA0: drive.

The easiest way to accomplish your task is to instruct Galaxy to stop
managing your tape drive. Type the following at the OPR prompt:


(Please, notice that you do not need to type the full command shown above:
just type the first two or three letters of every command word then press
ESC to request OPR to auto-complete them for you.)

Il will then ask for some brief explanation for logging purposes (to which
you can simply answer with a ^Z), and at last it will say something this:

 9:31:23        Device MTA0  --  Unavailable for use  --

Now, exit from OPR and try again your backup command. You may also want to
allocate the drive to your job before entering the BACKUP utility.

| .r opr
| OPR>set taPE-DRIVE mta0 unaVAILABLE
| Enter text and terminate with ^Z
| ^Z
| OPR>
|  9:31:23        Device MTA0  --  Unavailable for use  --
| OPR>exit
| .assign mta0
| MTA0 assigned
| ..
| .r backup
| /tape mta0
| /


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