[Simh] SIMH tweaks/tips. [Deathrow DAHMER:: Node]

Da Beave beave at deathrow.vistech.net
Sun Mar 15 16:34:39 EDT 2009

	Hello all..

 	I've upgraded the Deathrow cluster node DAHMER (SIMH node) to V3.8-1.
The old version was working just fine (no problems to report) in the cluster,
but I decided to "tweak" the node a bit.   Things like SSH connections take
a long time to get established.  Not a huge problem,  but upgrading and
tweaking seemed like a fun thing to do this Sunday afternoon. 

	On thing I did was used the Intel C compiler to build the VAX/SIMH
code.  I haven't done any testing to see if it's really any faster. 

	My question is,  anyone have any tips on speeding up SIMH?  It's not
that I'm disappointed or anything (the speed is pretty good),  but more is
always better.   Thanks again!

- Beave

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