[Simh] Deathrow OpenVMS SIMH Node.. Hosted by OpenVMS?

Marc Chametzky marc at bluevine.net
Wed Mar 11 15:39:41 EDT 2009

One should probably mention what utility is being used to generate the 

On my SIMH VAX, running under an AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ (limited to a 
single core, for obvious reasons), I can achieve a maximum rating of 
about 12 VUPs. This system is running under an ESXi hypervisor, and I've 
capped its CPU consumption to about half a CPU, giving me another test 
result of 6 VUPs, suitable for my purposes.

These were done using the PT_VAX.EXE that includes this header:

Emulated VAX CPU comparative performance test, version 1.0
Copyright 2006 Software Resources International.
This test is not suitable to measure overall system performance.
No rights can be derived from the execution or the output of this test


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