[Simh] Proposal for a new make system

Toby Thain toby at telegraphics.com.au
Tue Mar 10 17:25:23 EDT 2009

On 10-Mar-09, at 5:06 PM, Richard wrote:

> Sorry, I meant to send this to the list and not just Philipp.
> In article <49B6D3A4.8040102 at hachti.de>,
>     Philipp Hachtmann <hachti at hachti.de>  writes:
>> I do not use recursive makefiles.
> Indeed.
>     Recursive Make Considered Harmful
>     Peter Miller

Yeah but even more valuable than the automatic cite is practical  
experience of why recursive make doesn't work - since this paper,  
unfortunately, appears to lack power to convince.

Philipp, how did you get the recursive makefile you meantioned to  
work 'correctly'?

(hesitant to go dig up the old simh makefile thread)

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