[Simh] Mixed-node OpenVMS Clustering

David Holland david.w.holland at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 09:02:34 EDT 2009


> Having written a lot of the SIMH ethernet code, I made sure that SIMH
> VAXes would cluster with real VAXes. After testing, I found that the
> SIMH VAX can also cluster with real Alphas. Having just added an


Virtual VAX + Virtual Alpha's worked w/ the limited testing I'd done with

In this case, the software stack was..

(All running under VMWare server & CentOS 5.2)
CentOS 4.7 + SIMH 3.8
Windows XP + Personal Alpha 2.0.6

Both VMS "boxes" were running VMS 7.3

<shrug> It worked. DECNET (via a non-virtual Linux desktop was working: Read
"phone" and the "set host"-alike)   The two nodes had a clustered virtual IP
that floated between the two nodes as expected. (read: The network bridging
was correctly configured, so the outside world could talk to things)

I got it working, then sat back and said. "Huh, now what do I do?" :-)

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