[Simh] Deathrow OpenVMS SIMH Node..

Jeremy Begg jeremy at vsm.com.au
Mon Mar 9 23:08:48 EDT 2009

Hi Zane,

>>It's my understanding the clusters with VAX and Integrity are supported "for
>>migration purposes" (i.e. it is known to work) but clusters with all three
>>hardware platforms are not supported.  I suspect the real issue is the
>>functional disparity between OpenVMS V7.3 and OpenVMS V8.2 & later (7.3
>>being the last release for VAX and 8.2 being the first release for IA64).
>If I remember correctly clustering VAX V7.3 and Alpha V8.3 is
>supported is it not?

Yes, the "OpenVMS V8.3 Upgrade & Installation", says that OpenVMS Alpha V8.3
is warranted with IA64 V8.3 & VAX 7.3.

Contrary to the advice I offered earlier, Integriry & VAX in the same
cluster is *not* supported in OpenVMS IA64 V8.3.

That's not to say it won't work, unless there's code in IA64 to prohibit a
VAX from joining the cluster (which I doubt, but I've not tried it). 
However based on what I've seen supporting some software in mixed
architecture clusters, I'd expect that you might find problems if your
application runs on both IA64 & VAX concurrently accessing the same file(s).
Simply using the Integrity server as an MSCP disk server for VAX should work
if you can get them clustered together.  (Again, more speculation on my part.)


	Jeremy Begg

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