[Simh] Deathrow OpenVMS SIMH Node..

Da Beave beave at deathrow.vistech.net
Sun Mar 8 23:29:35 EDT 2009

> I've not done any heavy clustering, but I have booted up a SIMH VAX
> along with a Compaq AlphaServer 3305, and they clustered up just fine. 
> In fact, it was a bit disturbing just how smoothly it went. :-)

Yep.  Setup was a breeze.  I had some other issues tonight,  but they 
where not related to SIMH.   We have a lot of users here,  so I'll
be interested to see how evrything works. 

Right now,  we're a SIMH,  Alpha,  VAX and soon to be Itanium "shop". 

- Beave

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