[Simh] Deathrow OpenVMS SIMH Node..

Da Beave beave at deathrow.vistech.net
Sun Mar 8 20:00:55 EDT 2009


I run the "Deathrow OpenVMS cluster".  I'm mailing the list because we've added
a OpenVMS node "DAHMER" (dahmer.vistech.net) under SIMH.   We have other "real
hardware" nodes (GEIN - gein.vistech.net DS10L/Alpha & MANSON -
manson.vistech.net - uVAX).  The cluster is pretty heavly used,  and I'm
interested to see how SIMH will work with a multi-user/clustered enviroment.  

Has anyone attempted this before?   If so,  what pitfall's can I expect? So
far,  the node seems pretty stable.   For more information on the project check
out http://deathrow.vistech.net.  Thanks!

- Beave

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