[Simh] help with binaries on NOVA

David and Jan Takle djtakle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 17:46:07 EST 2009

NOVA emulation --- I have RDOS running nicely and am trying to get used to
it, reading all the docs I can find (I'm an old IRIS programmer). But I keep
hitting a roadblock. I cannot get any binaries to run, either as a program
under RDOS or as a standalone program that would be booted by the RDOS
"program?" prompt. My guess is that there are some conventions that I am
missing regarding how an assembly program must be structured, and/or some
particular parameters that are required by the Assembler and Relocatable
Binary Loader.

I would greatly appreciate it If anyone can supply a step-by-step plan for
writing a compatible Assembly program along with the correct ASM and RLDR
parameters to create (a) a runnable SAVE program (examp.sv) and (b) and
standalone bootable program.

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