[Simh] Is the Mentec license still valid with SIMH ?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Sat Jun 28 13:08:01 EDT 2008

At 3:36 PM +0100 6/28/08, Simon Clubley wrote:
>It's been pointed out to me in the PDP-11 newsgroups that the
>Mentec hobbyist licence, which allows hobbyists to run older versions
>of the PDP-11 operating systems, is designed for use with emulation
>software owned by DEC only.
>In light of that observation, I have a question: Is a person allowed to
>use (under the Mentec hobbyist licence) the RT11 V5.3 and RSTS/E V7 kits
>on the simh website under the current version of the simh emulator ?
>Does the same also apply to the other versions of the operating systems
>listed within that licence ?

Certain alarmist elements looking to stir up trouble like to make 
this claim.  However, as of the last time I checked, which was well 
after Bob ceased working for DEC, the license was still valid.  All 
versions listed in the license are valid for use under SIMH, even 
though the SIMH website only has a couple versions.


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