[Simh] Is the Mentec license still valid with SIMH ?

Simon Clubley simon.clubley at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 28 10:36:48 EDT 2008


It's been pointed out to me in the PDP-11 newsgroups that the
Mentec hobbyist licence, which allows hobbyists to run older versions
of the PDP-11 operating systems, is designed for use with emulation
software owned by DEC only.

In light of that observation, I have a question: Is a person allowed to
use (under the Mentec hobbyist licence) the RT11 V5.3 and RSTS/E V7 kits
on the simh website under the current version of the simh emulator ?

Does the same also apply to the other versions of the operating systems
listed within that licence ?



PS: Is there a search facility for this mailing list ? I looked over the last
year's postings before posting, but at the same time, I couldn't see a
search facility on that page.

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