[Simh] simh terminal format?

Andrew Warkentin andreww591 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 17:50:05 EDT 2008

Duane Ryan wrote:
> Hi, I'm relatively new to simh. I recently booted a 2.11BSD and rt-11, 
> but I'm having some pretty simple issues. There are ways to get around 
> them, but they're pretty inconvenient.
> Mostly, I have issues with the encoding... I think. There seems to be a 
> problem with the way that rt-11 and certain 2.11BSD apps attempt to 
> format the text.
> Here's 'EDIT' on rt-11:
> <)07[r[?6l8[m>=[H[J7[H[24B#5[132C[6n8
> so... you can imagine that this isn't really helping me a lot. I get 
> similar problems in vi on 2.11BSD:
> # vi /usr/src/sys/bootrom/siboot.s
> [24;1H[?1h="/usr/src/sys/bootrom/siboot.s" [Read only] 60 lines, 1500 
> characters [;H[2J/**********[H
>                            /
>                            /       boot rom for si 9500 disk drive
> /
> /**********
> reset   = 5
> nop     = 240
>         <SI>[10;41H/ name code of boot rom
>         0176[11;41H/ offset to next rom
>         sec[13;41H/ entry point, unit 0, no diagnostics
>         mov     $0,r0[14;41H/ entry point, unit 0, with diagnostics
>         mov     $176700,r1[15;41H/ load csr into r1
>         mov     pc,r4[16;41H/ for link
>         bcc     diag[17;41H/ go do diagnostics if C set
>         br      begin[18;41H/ skip next stuff
>         0173000[20;41H/ pc on power up boot
>         0340[21;41H/ psw on power up boot
> begin:[H[24;1H"/usr/src/sys/bootrom/siboot.s" [Read only] 60 lines, 1500 
> characters[H
> Am I using the right character set? Should i change my $TERM? what can I do?
> -- 
> Duane R Bailey
It's not the terminal emulator that's the problem (at least I don't 
think it is, since you mentioned $TERM, which means that you're probably 
on a Unix, and Unix terminal emulators generally emulate a VT100). By 
default, SIMH 3.7 discards all non-printing characters output on the 
console by the guest system (I'm not sure why this is the default; 3.6 
and earlier didn't do this). The escape sequences are being treated as 
printable since the escape character at the beginning isn't being sent 
to the terminal.

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