[Simh] FW: FTP client connecting to SIMH/OpenVMS?

Vorländer, Martin MV at PDV-SYSTEME.DE
Thu Jun 12 03:03:00 EDT 2008

David Hittner wrote:
> Read the SIMH FAQ - there is a section dealing with 'cannot 
> communicate between host PC and VAX'.
> It can be solved by bridging a pseudo-adapter to the main ethernet
> adapter or using a second nic. 

I managed to get a connection between Windows and a SIMHed VMS
running on it by using the TAP-Win32 adapter from OpenVPN[1]
as XQB in SIMH (XQA being connected to the real NIC). To install
it, get the package, and choose to install nothing but the adapter.

With this setup, I even got a DECwindows login (through eXceed)
on my laptop - felt like having a VAXbook ;-)


[1] http://www.OpenVPN.org/
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