[Simh] FW: FTP client connecting to SIMH/OpenVMS?

Peter Moreton petermoreton at hotmail.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 16:17:55 EDT 2008

I just found that I *can* FTP and Telnet into the VMS machine from another Physical host on the LAN - so it seems as though TCP/IP traffic between VMS and the PC running SIMH isn't routing, but so long as I connect to the VMS machine from another PC on the LAN, then the VAX responds as it should.
I'll re-test my .NET 2.0 FTP code from another PC.... maybe it can be made to work after all....

From: petermoreton at hotmail.co.ukTo: simh at trailing-edge.comDate: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 20:09:46 +0000Subject: [Simh] FW: FTP client connecting to SIMH/OpenVMS?

Hmmm, maybe the problem is simpler than I thought. My PC is on and is running a SIMH OpenVMS host on The PC can ping the VMS machine just fine, so I presumed that networking was 100% good.  However, I just tried to FTP and Telnet from the PC, into the OpenVMS host, and in fact, the connection does establish, but no data is returned from VMS. It's as though the VAX cannot find a route to get it's responses back to the PC.... even though they are on the same LAN... Should I be declaring a UCX ROUTE? - surely not... 

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