[Simh] idle on VMS and Windows

Thomas Pfau pfau at nbpfaus.net
Tue Jun 10 12:48:00 EDT 2008

Phil Brett wrote:
> Anyway, back to the question. I've set cpu idle=VMS in the emulator and it
> seems to have no effect. It's the top line in a vax.ini file I use. Well,
> I
> say it has no effect...it did work once and the emulator idled nicely at
> 1%
> cpu on the XP box. Other times it uses 20% of the CPU (it's a
> hyperthreaded
> dual processor box), and other times 25% (as if the idle hasn't been set).
> I
> can't as yet see a pattern. Show cpu shows idle enabled=VMS when asked.

I have had some strange results with VMS idle detection as well. 
Sometimes I can boot the emulator and it consumes 100% of a cpu.  I shut
it down and immediately reboot without changing anything and the idle
detection works fine.  I think it got better when I raised one of the
parameters.  I can post my vax.ini when I get home from work.


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