[Simh] simh vax750 or vax730?

Bob Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Mon Dec 29 11:40:16 EST 2008

>the 730 had the CPU-assisted R80 (not RA80) disk and T80 (not TA80) tape

  FWIW, the IDC (integrated disk controller) in the 730 controlled the R80
and up to three RL02 drives.  The tape drive was a standard TSV05 drive w/ a
TS11 UNIBUS tape controller - there was no special nine track tape hardware
for the 730, and simh already simulates a TS11.

>and the 725 had the dual-drive/single-spindle RC25 disk subsystem.

  The RC25 used the Aztec LESI UNIBUS controller, which was just another
MSCP implementation.  Except for adding a new controller ID and drive
geometry, hopefully the existing UDA/QDA50 emulation would suffice for this.


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