[Simh] simh vax750 or vax730?

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri Dec 26 17:18:01 EST 2008

Has anyone looked at making vax-11/750 and vax-11/730 (or 725) specific
versions of simh?

I've been playing with "vax780" and having flashbacks to real hardware
(I once had a 780 to myself - it made a great single user workstation :-)

But I really want 750 and 730 specific versions to test booting of
things like netbsd before I run on real hardware.

Has anyone done this or looked into it?  just curious.

vax780 is great, but the hardware can't be turned into a 750 or 730
via a config file (because, for example, the unibus moves all around along
20 other things which come and go)

I suppose the right thing is to generalize it all, but a good start
(before remembering how to spell "nexi" :-) would be to just make up
750 & 730 specific sources...


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