[Simh] C99 is almost a decade old, shouldn't we get rid of USE_INT64?

Peter Lund firefly at vax64.dk
Thu Aug 30 15:10:40 EDT 2007

C99 defined a header called stdint.h which defined such types as int64_t
and uint64_t.  Some compilers already defined these types before that.

Shouldn't we get rid of USE_INT64 and USE_ADDR64 now?

They also make sim_open() use fopen64() on Linux instead of fopen().
Since large file support has been in glibc and Linux for most of this
century, that code can be dropped.  fopen() will work with large files
without the programmer having to do anything special.  File positions
should be handled with fseeko() and ftello() instead of with fseek() and
ftell(), anyway, because they use the type off_t instead of long.  off_t
is 32 bits on older systems and 64 on modern systems.

The maximum file size has nothing to do with what int sizes the compiler
supports, anyway.

I don't mind doing the work -- the question is, what patches will be


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