[Simh] ka655/ka655x + copyright/licensing issues

Peter Lund firefly at vax64.dk
Wed Aug 29 11:23:15 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 11:09 -0400, Tim Shoppa wrote:
> Phil wrote:
> > "Crippled" is a little strong.  You can simply download the microcode 
> > from trailing-edge.
> > HP isn't really looking to spend resources prosecuting this issue, I'd 
> > wager
> You'd be surprised how many of the web hits downloading SIMH and
> the accompanying packages come from inside DEC/Compaq/HP. And while I was
> initially worried it was their legal folks, in fact they're all apparently
> techies who are using it either for fun or to help them do their work :-).

I was wondering if it would cause any problems if the debianized version
of simh checked for the existence of the firmware on boot or start up or
at configuration time (happens as part of the installation) and if it
couldn't find the firmware, printed out the exact URL at which it could
be found.

Or perhaps even downloaded it for the user (after he/she has accepted
it), similar to how sun java and microsoft fonts are handled in debian.


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