[Simh] Problems compiling SIMH under RH V3.7-2

joeambrose at optonline.net joeambrose at optonline.net
Tue Aug 28 16:06:08 EDT 2007

I'm following the instructions on how to run VMS under SIMH on RH 
I get the following error when i try to compile the simulator.... 

[root at linux simh]# make BIN/vax 
gcc -std=c99 -O2 -U__STRICT_ANSI__ -g -lm -D_GNU_SOURCE -I . VAX/ 
vax_cpu.c VAX/vax_cpu1.c VAX/vax_fpa.c VAX/vax_io.c VAX/vax_cis.c VAX/ 
vax_octa.c  VAX/vax_cmode.c VAX/vax_mmu.c VAX/vax_stddev.c VAX/ 
vax_sysdev.c VAX/vax_sys.c  VAX/vax_syscm.c VAX/vax_syslist.c PDP11/ 
pdp11_rl.c PDP11/pdp11_rq.c PDP11/pdp11_ts.c PDP11/pdp11_dz.c PDP11/ 
pdp11_lp.c PDP11/pdp11_tq.c PDP11/pdp11_xq.c PDP11/pdp11_ry.c PDP11/ 
pdp11_vh.c PDP11/pdp11_cr.c scp.c sim_console.c sim_fio.c sim_timer.c 
sim_sock.c sim_tmxr.c sim_ether.c sim_tape.c -DVM_VAX -DUSE_INT64 - 
DUSE_ADDR64 -I VAX -I PDP11  -o BIN/vax 
/tmp/ccH1W5tU.o(.text+0x59): In function `sim_os_ms_sleep_init': 
/usr/simh/sim_timer.c:302: undefined reference to `clock_getres' 
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status 
make: *** [BIN/vax] Error 1 

any ideas? 

Joe Ambrose 
joeambrose at optonline.net 
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