[Simh] SIMH on Fedora Core 6 / SCB2NDINT error

Wilm Boerhout wboerhout at planet.nl
Sun Oct 29 10:55:16 EST 2006

I just built the SIMH 3.6-1 emulators on Fedora Core 6 linux. Zod meets 
the dinosaurs...

Here's what I had to do to "gmake" the emulators:

   1. get "bison" and "flex" for the libpcap build (i.e. yum install
      flex, yum install bison). for some reason, "yum install libpcap"
      and "yum libpcap-devel", although installing without errors, did
      not get me a libpcap.a file anywhere. The "gmake USE_NETWORK=1
      all" for SIMH choked on this. I got the libpcap 0.9.5 source
      tarball from www.tcpdump.org and followed directions from there.
   2. the libpcap build leaves libpcap.a in /usr/lib, whereas the SIMH
      build expects it in /usr/local/lib. A simple copy corrected this,
      but since I'm new to linux and *nix in general, this may be a
      result of a system setup error on my part.

Now I copied some disks from my Windows system, and booted RSTS/E on a 
PDP11. Running fine, using telnet from an xterm window as console.

Next step was booting one of my VAX disks, this is what happened:

    * the final "boot cpu" started the VAX, selftests counting down and
       >>>show dev showing the expected devices.
    *  >>>B DUA0 resulted in

      ?50 SCB2NDINT, DUA0
      ?06 HLT INST
                    PC = 00000C1A

      for every disk container that I tried. I'm at a loss here, since
      these disks boot fine on my Windows and Alpha systems. A binary
      ftp copy from Windows to linux (pulling from linux) is all change
      that I can see. But I copied my RSTS disks in the same ftp stream...

Any ideas?


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