[Simh] Automatic Shutdown for SimH Vaxen

Villy Madsen Villy.Madsen at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 29 01:26:07 EDT 2006


I have finished my hack of the SimH uVax 3900 to allow for automatic shutdown of
VMS and the emulator when someone shuts down windoze or logs out with the VAX
still running.

In general, I have installed a control handler in SCP that is called when the
physical system is shutting down or when the user tries to log off.  This
handler is called asychronously by windows - and does not return until the VAX
is finished shutting down.  The handler sets a flag in the emulator which is
picked up when Throttle reads the DN-11 data register, and then sleeps until the
shutdown flag is reset - at which time it returns a success indicator to
windoze.  Throttle spawns a process which in turn runs a detached process that
starts the shutdown process.

Once the VMS shutdown is complete and the SCP grabs control the shutdown flag is
reset and the emulation program terminates.  Windows then shuts down.

NOTE:  two registry entries need to be changed - otherwise windows won't wait
long enough for VMS to shutdown.

Code is at http://members.shaw.ca/villy.madsen/simh/
Or  (if up)

Information about the registry changes is in aaareadme.txt

Any questions - send a note

If anyone comes up with a UNIX version send it & I will include it.


Villy Madsen

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