[Simh] SimH (MicroVAX 3900), 'ATTACH NVR <file>' vs 'LOAD -n <file>'

Michael Unger unger at decus.de
Wed Oct 25 14:52:46 EDT 2006

I've to admit being extremely new to SimH ...

Problem: Console envirenment variables should be stored permanently to the
"non-volatile RAM" file. For VAX/VMS, these are (for example):

| >>> SET BOOT <device>
| >>> SET BFLG <bootflag-value>
| >>> SET LANGUAGE <number>

I first used the "ATTACH NVR <file>" command according to the SimH FAQ 4.7
example (PDF, page 12), which obviously created the NVRAM.BIN file, and then
switched to the "LOAD -n <file>" command found in the "VAX Simulator Usage"
guide (PDF, page 5, bottom). The "SET ..." command settings got lost restarting

Using the "ATTACH NVR <file>" command again it now works as expected but the
documentation seems to be misleading. Or should that be an error in the "LOAD
-n <file>" command implementation?


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